Luxury Glass & Natural Stone Mosaics

Fixing the Mosaics

Prior to installation there are few points that need to be kept in mind and checked. Following bleow is the checklist of all those points: -

1. Diagnosis of substrate - for glass mosaic

Correct substrate preparation is of basic importance for a perfect end result, both technically and visually. Substrates must have adequate mechanical strength and be prepared in such a way as to avoid shrinkage, which would cause tiles to lift.

2. Material Availability (glass mosaic, adhesive, grout & fixing tools)

Please ensure that the required quantity of glass mosaic, adhesive and grouts are available at site before commencement of fixing.

Fixing tools required would be Notch Trowel, Rubber Trowel, Grouting Spreader, Sponge, Felt Pad / Cloth and Tile Cutter. Besides these, normal tools like bucket and vessels for mixing adhesives and grout should also be available. (Please click here for pictorial depiction of tools)

3. Water & Power availability

Please ensure that water & power both are available at site. Water is required at all stage of fixing. There should be adequate supply available, with water storage facilities. Also electricity is required to cut mosaics if necessary and to work at night. The lighting should be proper so as to facilitate fixing in evening / night.

4. Erection of Scaffolding

The customer must also arrange for setting up of scaffolding and/or other equipment required for fixing on vertical walls, fa├žades, etc., with heights of more than 1.5 - 1.8 Mtr.

A person should ideally be allowed to fix the sheets up to a height of 5' only, since both vertical and horizontal lines have to be matched. Scaffolding should be erected for fixing of sheets above 5'.

5. Canopy for Outdoor fixing

For outdoor fixing, it would be preferable to use a total or partial canopy to cover the area of fixing. Careful consideration must be given to the temperature and wind effects on adhesives and materials.