Luxury Glass & Natural Stone Mosaics

Milano have recently developed a new range of natural stone mosaics, which includes a variety of the world's most beautiful marbles, travertines and limestones. For continuity in design we also supply matching basins, shower trays and floor tiles.

For a luxurious range of competetively priced natural stone mosaics...look no further!

Beige Marble Split Face


Emperador Light Strip-bar


Light Bluestone Strip-bar


Mixed Honed Marble Rectangles


Mixed Polished Marble Strip-bar


Mixed Polished Marble Small Strip-bar


Mixed Tumbled Marble Squares


Tuscany Honed Marble Rectangles


Roma Rock Face


Toros Black Rock Face


Roma Split Face


Roma Tumbled Strip-bar


Roma Tumbled Squares


Sicily Large Strip-bar


Mini Opus Travertine